The main product of Zyvex Labs is ZyVector, a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) control system designed to perform high-throughput, automated, atomic-precision STM lithography. We hope to develop this line of products over time toward a complete turnkey STM Lithography tool, including the UHV system and STM hardware. One of the requirements for reliable STM lithography is a consistent structure in the STM tip which scans the surface and performs the writing. To this end, we also offer Zetcher. a precise tip etching tool.

An upcoming product, currently known as ‘CHC’, uses the technology of ZyVector to correct creep and hysteresis position errors in standard STM systems. CHC requires no modifications to the hardware or software of the STM, it simply conditions the piezo signals to correct for the creep and hysteresis errors in real time. As a result, the settling time for tips after landing are much shorter, large motions around the surface are more accurate, and for applications such as spectroscopy, the tip position over the feature of interest is more stable.

A draft flyer can be downloaded at this link:  CHC_4pageflyer