The attendance for this workshop is free of charge, but because we have limited room in the venue we are using, we are asking individuals to apply to attend, saying something about their areas of interest and expertise relevant to this workshop, and how they could contribute to the workshop during discussions and break out sessions. We would also ask applicants to say what they or their institution hope to get out of attendance at this workshop.

Student Support

We have a budget to promote student and Post Doc participation at the workshop. If you would like to bring a student we can cover at least the air fare for any domestic student or Post Doc and $400 towards the airfare for international students and Post Docs.  This will be on a first come first serve basis.   Any student that would like attend and have us provide money for air fare, should apply to attend the workshop (if they have not done already) and have their advisor contact with “2DQMM Workshop Student Support” as the subject line. We will provide funds on a first come first served basis until all the available funds are depleted.

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Personal Information (NIST may contact some attenders for additional information.)

If your application is accepted, would you be interested in volunteering to help with the workshop or with the written report?

Institutional Information


NOTE: Some people have reported a bug where it appears to be stuck processing after submission. This should be resolved now, but if you are unsure the application went through, you can email to verify.

The deadline for application is Jan. 16th, 2018.