Dear 2DQM Workshop Participants,

Newsflash!  We are rescheduling the workshop for April 25th and 26th. Please keep these dates clear. We will be sending out more information by email soon, concerning re-registration etc.  


Dopant atoms placed with atomic precision into tunable arrays using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy can be made to display electronic and photonic properties across a wide range of structures for 2D quantum metamaterials.  

Organizing Committee

Co-Chairs: Richard M. Silver, NIST, Shashank Misra, Sandia National Labs, John N. Randall, Zyvex Labs
Neil Zimmerman, NIST Clark Highstrete, Sandia National Labs
Wiley P. Kirk, UT Arlington, 3DET Joshua Ballard, Zyvex Labs,
Ezra Bussmann, Sandia National Labs James Owen, Zyvex Labs,


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