The 61st International Conference on Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

23rd EIPBN Bizarre/Beautiful Micrograph Contest  – Now Open for Entries

“A good Micrograph is worth more than the MegaByte it consumes.”

Entries Presented by Dr. John Randall – Zyvex Labs

The rules include the following:
• Entries have to be of a single image taken with a microscope and should not be significantly altered.
• There is no restriction with respect to the subject matter.
• Electron and ion micrographs have to be black and white.

The Judges will exercise their prerogative to liberally interpret the award categories, and change the micrograph titles if it pleases them.

There will seven awards from the judges:
• Grand Prize
• Best Ion Micrograph
• Most Bizarre
• 3 Beamer’s Choice
• Best Electron Micrograph
• Best Scanning Probe Micrograph
• Most Realistic Micrograph

And from everybody else:

• Popular Vote

Below is a list of the unedited entries as they arrive.