STM Lithography at the Boston MRS meeting

Dec 6, 2016

The EM1 symposium at the 2016 Materials Research Society meeting in Boston kicked off with a session on STM Lithography.  First to speak was Prof. Michelle Simmons from UNSW, to show her latest progress on quantum computing using STM Lithography to pattern P-in-Si based devices. Then I presented my work exploring the possibility of using the STM tip to assist the P incorporation process and increase the yield of P incorporation for critical sites, such as the single P donors required for the qubits. Third, was Justin Koepke from Sandia National Lab, who presented a study on the statistics of single-dopant placement, showing the yield of perfect 3-dimer patterns, and then the yield of P donor incorporation into them.  He stressed that the yield obtained for the patterning step was improved dramatically by using the lattice alignment capability of our ZyVector tool.

After the break, the symposium continued with a series of strong talks from speakers such as Prof. Susan Coppersmith on Quantum Dot architectures, and Pamela Martin from Prof. Joe Lyding's group at UIUC, who is working with us on acceptor dopant incorporation similar to the P incorporation process, before moving to other areas such as diamond substrates and then superconducting and other types of qubits.

James Owen

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