Rahul joined Zyvex in 2001 to work on scaling down macro and meso size devices using MEMS and assembly. In this endeavor, Rahul has been PI on two DARPA programs to build the world’s smallest electron and ion microcolumn, respectively. He is also the Director of MEMS, Nanoretina Inc and the system architect for Bionice Eye-NR600, an innovation to heal the blind. Rahul has over 25 published articles and more than 10 patents awarded/pending in his name. He is currently working on next generation Class III compliant neural transducers and, as adjunct faculty at University of Texas at Arlington, he has taught advanced Graduate level courses in MEMS and MEMS design.

Rahul has a BTech in Aerospace Engineering (1998) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and an MS in Aerospace & Engineering Mechanics (2001) from the University of Florida.