John joined Zyvex Labs in March, 2001. Prior to Zyvex, John spent 15 years with Texas Instruments (TI) where he worked in high resolution processing for integrated circuits, MEMS, and quantum effect devices and also worked at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory on ion beam and x-ray lithography. John is Executive VP at NanoRetina and currently lends his 30+ years of experience in micro- and nano-fabrication to his roles as Adjunct Professor at UT Dallas and Fellow of the AVS and IEEE. He has attracted over $38M in research contracts to Zyvex and resulting products have grossed over $80M. John has 104 published articles, more than 50 conference proceedings and other publications (>3300 citations) and 29 issued US Patents (>700 citations).

John has a B.S. (1975), M.S. (1977), PhD (1981) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston.

  • President of Zyvex Labs (2011–Present)
  • Vice President of Zyvex Labs (2007–2011)
  • Chief Technical Officer at Zyvex Corporation (2001–2007)
  • Senior Staff Scientist at Zyvex Corporation. Developing Micro- Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nano- Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS). (3/2001–5/2001)
Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Kilby Research Center Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas. He was the Leader of the Poly Silicon Gate patterning Team which developed lithography and etching of sub-tenth micron gates for TI’s most advanced Integrated Circuit technology. (1998–2001)
  • Senior Member Technical Staff, TI Assignee to IMEC in Leuven Belgium. He worked on Optical Proximity Correction and other aspects of state-of-the-art optical Lithography. (1996–1998)
  • Senior Member Technical Staff, Nanoelectronics Branch Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas. He developed high resolution processing techniques which resulted in several World’s First accomplishments including: Quantum Dot Diode, Quantum Well Resonant Tunneling Transistor, Lateral heterostructure tunneling transistor, and room temperature quantum integrated circiut. (1985–1996)
  • Member Technical Staff, M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, Massachusetts. Developed ultra-high resolution semiconductor processing techniques including masked ion beam lithography which produced 80nm lines and spaces. (1981–1985)
  • Instructor in Electrical Engineering Dept. Univ. of Houston. Where he taught Electro Magnetics, Material Science, Linear Algebra, Programming, and Numerical Methods. (1978–1981)
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, (Cum Laude) Honors Program, University of Houston (1975)
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Houston (1977)
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Houston (1981)
  • 4,827,138: Filled grid mask
  • 5,160,845: Alignment technique for masked ion beam litho
  • 5,096,846: Method of forming a quantum effect switching device
  • 5,335,649: Stretching device
  • 5,346,851: Method of fabricating shannon cell circuits
  • 5,447,873: Universal quantum dot logic vell
  • 5,504,347: Lateral resonant tunneling device
  • 5,529,862: Low distortion stencil mask
  • 5,529,952: Method of fabricating lateral resonant tunneling structure
  • 5,593,908: Lateral resonant tunneling
  • 5,618,383: Narrow lateral dimensioned microelectronic structures and method for forming same
  • 5,665,997: Grated landing area to eliminate sticking of micro-mechanical devices
  • 5,763,121: Low distortion stencil mask (a divisional application of 5,529,952)
  • 5,783,840: Universal quantum dot logic vell (continuation of 5,447,873)
  • 6,100,477: Recessed etch RF micro-electro-mechanical switch
  • 6,139,483: Method of forming lateral resonant tunneling devices
  • 6,553,558: Integrated circuit layout and verification method
  • 6,643,018: Optical proximity correction
  • 6,686,102: Two-exposure phase shift photolithography with improved inter-feature separation
  • 6,686,300: Sub-critical-dimension integrated circuit features
  • 6,813,378: Method for designing matrix paintings and determination of paint distribution
  • 6,837,723: Self-actuating connector for coupling microcomponents
  • 7,094,292: Mechanism for applying paint to canvas
  • 7,326,293: Patterned layer epitaxy
  • 7,799,132: Patterned atomic layer epitaxy
  • 8,789,490: System and method of pointillist painting
  • Industrial Advisory Board, School of Engineering, Univ. of North Texas (2014–Present)
  • STEM Advisory Committee, Girl Scouts of NE Texas (2013–Present)
  • Adjunct Proessor, University of Texas at Dallas, (2012–Present)
  • Chairman of Judging, Tech Titan’s Award Gala (2012–Present)
  • Technology Roadmap Steering Committee, Foresight Nanotech Institute (2005–2010)
  • External Advisory Committee, Nano-Bio Interface Center, University of Pennsylvania (2004–2010)
  • Executive Committee, Industrial Advisory Board, Jonsson School of Engineering, UTDallas (2004–Present)
  • International Steering Committee of European Micro-Nano-Engineering Conference(1997–Present)
  • Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation Technical Advisory Board (2004)
  • Program committee of the SPIE Micro Lithography Conference (2000)
  • U.S. Editor of Micro Electronic Engineering Journal (1999–2000)
  • Advisory committee and webmaster of the International Conference on Electron Ion and Photon Beam Technologies and Nanofabrication (1996–2000)
  • President of the Texas Chapter of the American Vacuum Society (1993)
  • Program committee of the International Electron Devices Meeting, Technical Advisory Committee of the Advanced Lithography Consortium
  • Technical Advisory Committee of University of Maryland’s LIBRA Program
  • IEEE member
  • American Vacuum Society member
  • Tau Beta Pi: National Engineering Honor Society
  • Eta Kappa Nu: National E.E. Honor Society
  • Alpha Lamda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma: National Freshman Honor Society (Honorary Membership — Faculty Advisor)
  • Fellow of the IEEE (2015)
  • Senior Member of the IEEE (2012)
  • Disinguished Engineering Alumni Award – University of Houston (2010)
  • Fellow of the AVS (2009)
  • Elected Distinguished Member of Texas Instruments’ Technical Staff (2000)
  • Elected Conference Chairman for 1998 Gordon Conference on Nanostructure Fabrication (1996)
  • Elected Conference Chairman for 1995 International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beams (1993)
  • Elected Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Texas Instruments (1990)
  • Southwest Bell Outstanding Student Award (1975)
  • National Collegiate Judo Champion (1974 & 1975)

Dr. Randall has published over 100 articles in refereed scientific journals.

In the area of semiconductor (optical, e-beam, ion-beam, and x-ray) lithography, he has published 41 papers. Some representative examples include:

“Reduction of Mask Induced CD Errors by Optical Proximity Correction”, John Randall, Alexander Tritchkov, Kurt Ronse, Rik Jonckheere, SPIE vol 3334 page 124-130 (1998)

“Fifteen nanometer features by sidewall processing and pattern transfer” John N. Randall and Brian L. Newell, J.Vac.Sci.Technol. B12, 3631 (1994)

“Prospects for Printing Very Large Scale Integration Circuits with Masked Ion Beam Lithography”, J. N. Randall, J.Vac.Sci.Technol. Vol A4, p.777, (1986)

In the area of quantum devices and circuits, he has published approximately 50 papers. Some examples include:

“Potential Nanoelectronic Integrated Circuit Technologies”, John Randall, Gary Frazier, Alan Seabaugh, Tom Broekaert, Microelectronics Engineering 32 15-30, 1996

“Resonant Tunneling Quantum Dot Diodes: Physics, Limitations, and Technological Prospects” James H. Luscombe, John N. Randall, and Ann Marie Bouchard, Proceedings of IEEE, vol 79, 1117, 1991

“Observation of Discrete Electronic States in a Zero-Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostructure”, M.A. Reed, J.N. Randall, R.J. Aggarwal, R.J. Matyi, T.M. Moore, and A.E. Wetsel, Phys.Rev.Lett. 60, 535 (1988)

Dr. Randall has also published papers on metrology, ohmic contacts, atomic layer epitaxy, reactive ion etching, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), and x-ray fluorescence analysis.