How to Enter

  1. Select your favorite micrograph(s) and or microvideo(s). [You can enter as many times as you like]
  2. For each micrograph, download the powerpoint template and entry form, paste in your micrograph/video, and fill out the template and entry form with the necessary information.
  3. Email the micrograph(s) and microvideo(s) with your entry form(s) to
  4. SPECIAL NOTE We will for the 3rd year have a MNEer’s Choice Award where attendees can vote for their favorite micrograph. (The Blue Dot with a number is to identify each micrograph). If you turn in your micrograph before the deadline on [DATE TBA], then your micrograph will get maximum exposure. If you wait until the conference to get your entry to me, the Judges will see it, but the attendees may or may not.


a) Entries should be submitted by [DATE TBA]. We usually accept late entries at the Conference BUT you may get fewer votes for the MNEer’s Choice Award.
b) Contestants must be registered conference attendees.
c) Micrographs and entry forms must be submitted in electronic form. Please place your micrograph on the power point template and provide the appropriate information including optional comments in the notes section of the PowerPoint slide to give more details and to explain to the judges why your entry should win.
d) Entries must be of a single image taken with a microscope and may not be significantly altered.
e) There is no restriction with respect to the subject matter.
f) Video entries must be 30 seconds or less.
g) Electron and ion micrographs must be black and white.
h) Contestants must submit a completed Entry Form.