Title: The Debutantes' Ball -- 1995 Most Bizarre Micrograph Winner
"At the debutante's ball, young nano-women gather in their finery at the
edge of the stage to weep because the nano-boys won't dance with them."

EIPBN Micrograph Contest

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Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Frans Holthuysen at MNE 2013.

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The fields of research covered by this conference have been at the forefront of the drive to develop technology to make smaller and smaller structures. We have ventured into size regimes where we are often dependent on microscopes and the skill of microscopists to see the results of our work (and often what went wrong). To highlight the importance of micrographs to the field, the conference is holding a micrograph contest. The entries will be judged both from the technological and artistic standpoint.

A panel of judges will disqualify any entry that it believes has not conformed to the rules and will select the winners. Awards will be announced at the banquet on Thursday night. There are six categories:

  • Grand Prize
  • Most Bizarre
  • Best Electron Micrograph
  • Best Ion Micrograph
  • Best Photon Micrograph
  • Best Scanning Probe Micrograph
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There are now 5 simple steps to fame and fortune:
1 - Read the rules.
2 - Select your favorite micrograph/video(s). [ You can enter as many times as you like.]
3 - For each entry, download the powerpoint template and entry form, paste in your micrograph/video and fill out the template and entry form.
4 - NEW: Use the notes section below the slide to provide more details of the MicroGraph.
5 - Email the micrograph/videos(s) and entry form(s) to jrandall@zyvexlabs.com .


a) Entries should be submitted by May 25. We will do our best to accept late entries at the Conference.
b) Contestants must be registered conference attendees.
c) Micrographs, videos, and entry forms must be submitted in electronic form. We prefer the micrograph on the power point template, but will accept JPEG or MPEG files.
d) Micrograph entries must be of a single image taken with a microscope and may not be significantly altered.
e) Videos must be of a microscopic subject. Animations (of a microscopic subject) will be accepted. Videos must be 30 seconds or less.
f) There is no restriction with respect to the subject matter.
g) Electron and ion micrographs must be black and white.
h) Contestants must submit a completed Entry Form.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Entry-form (Word doc) - AND - MicroGraph Template (Powerpoint Slide)

The image below is an example of how a template could be filled out.

Comments: If you hear very high pitched MEOWs let us know as soon as possible.

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  QUESTIONS? Email John Randall jrandall@zyvexlabs.com Phone (972)-792-1648

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